The Jošavac restaurant is a gastronomic oasis that will not leave you indifferent with its menu of traditional Slavonian dishes made of game from own hunting ground. As well as hosting hunters from all over Europe throughout the year, we have recently opened our doors to all visitors hoping to satisfy even the most delicate palates. The groceries that we use daily in our restaurant are of Croatian origin, pass rigorous controls and are of top standard and quality. Visit us and spread the word about the taste – for days!


Monday - Saturday

7:00 – 21:00 h


HamHRK 20
SausageHRK 20
KulenHRK 30
Hard cheeseHRK 30
Scrambled eggs with hamHRK 25
Eggs sunny-side upHRK 20
Chicken risottoHRK 25
Soup (chicken, beef, venison, pheasant)HRK 10
Cream soup (mushroom, vegetables, tomato)HRK 12
Ragout soup (chicken, game)HRK 15
Brown roux soupHRK 10
Pettitoes hunter’s style (wild boar, roe, venison)HRK/KG 100
Medallions in hunter’s sauce (wild boar, venison)HRK 40
Steak in a mushroom sauce (wild boar, venison)HRK 45
Roe medallions with sour cherriesHRK 60
Roe ragoutHRK 40
Venison in peasHRK 35
Steak in a cranberry sauce (venison)HRK 55
Steak in a carrot sauce (wild boar)HRK 45
Cutlet in sauce (wild boar)HRK 40
The Jošavac platter (for two people)HRK 180
Viennese SchnitzelHRK 30
Zagreb steakHRK 35
Natural steakHRK 25
Natural steak in mushroom sauceHRK 35
Viennese SchnitzelHRK 30
Zagreb steakHRK 35
Chicken skewersHRK 35
Natural steakHRK 30
Chicken in sauceHRK 35
Chicken with leek and mushroomsHRK 45
Mexican chickenHRK 40
Light chicken risottoHRK 35
Mixed meatHRK 40
Skewers forest styleHRK 35
Ćevapi (grilled meat dumplings)HRK 25
BurgerHRK 30
ChickenHRK 35
Pork neckHRK 30
Grilled calimariHRK 40
Carp – in breadcrumbs (fried, grilled)HRK/KG 120
Catfish – in breadcrumbs (fried, grilled)HRK/KG 120
Calimari – in breadcrumbs (fried)HRK 35
Čobanac (traditional Slavonian soup)HRK 30
Wine goulashHRK 30
Fish stewHRK 30
Beans (bacon and sausage)HRK 25
Spaghetti BologneseHRK 30
Pasta with stewed cabbage (cabbage pasta)HRK 20
Gnocchi with cheeseHRK 25
PastaHRK 7
Grilled vegetablesHRK 15
Chard and boiled potatoesHRK 15
Bread dumplingsHRK 15
Potato (cooked, mashed, French fries, baked halves)HRK 10
Other (rice, cooked vegetables)HRK 10
Chutney, mayonnaise, ketchupHRK 7
Tartar sauceHRK 10
Greens, cabbage, cucumber, tomatoHRK 8
Mixed saladHRK 8
Pancakes (walnuts, chocolate, marmalade, jam, ice-cream)HRK 20
Cakes (cakes with sour cherry, apple pie, potato scones)HRK 20
Daily offerHRK 25
Under the bell (various types of game, chicken and a side dish)HRK/KG 180
Kettle grillHRK/KG 180

Would you like to celebrate but do not know where?

With its size, position, pleasant atmosphere, interior decoration and air-conditioning, the Jošavac restaurant is appropriate for the organisation of various festivities such as family and business celebrations, promotions, prom nights, baptising celebrations, occasional buffets etc. A capacity of 140 people offers the possibility of organising wedding ceremonies and our kind and obliging personnel will meet the needs of any guest in order to make the beginning of your new life story perfect and carefree. For the bride and the groom and their guests, we offer a special accommodation discount in our accommodation units. Contact us and book your date in good time.

P: +385 (0)33 551 436