Hunters engage in breeding, protection and hunting of the game while, with the power of their photos, photographers significantly impact people’s awareness regarding the need to coexist with nature and preserve the ever more endangered environment. Nowadays, when life is fast and stressful, both at work and in everyday life, the presentation of a specific tourist offer is ever more important because it offers a high quality vacation and escape from the daily obligations and problems, as well as the possibility of engaging in activities for which not much room is left in people’s regular daily routine.

If you wish to engage in the adventure of looking after animals and their natural habitats and feel a unity with nature, thrill and expectation, as well as enjoy traditional Slavonian cuisine and sleep far from the city crowds – please do contact us!

Photo-hunting takes place in the company of the hunting ground manager, who will help you with useful advice and knowledge in order to make your photo-hunting as successful as possible. One needs to know the habits of animals well, as well as to be ready for numerous surprises offered by untouched nature and the dynamic of photo-hunting. In the hunting ground, as well as the game that we manage, you can also see many other animal species of which some are on the list of protected and endangered species such as the otter (Lutra lutra L.), white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla, Accipitridae), European honey buzzard (Pernis apivorus), black kite (Milvus migrans), black stork (Ciconia nigra) and others.

It is possible for us to adjust our offer to your wishes and requests and organise visits to natural beauties and sights in the surrounding area (The Papuk Nature Park, Jankovac Park Forest, the Ružica town (a fortress town), the geological natural monument of Rupnica, Lisičine Arboretum, the Drava river).

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