Hunting tourism is an important element of continental tourism that encourages the development of destinations in the interior of the country, thus extending the tourist season from the summer months to other seasons. This type of tourism attracts numerous foreign tourists to Croatia, especially hunters from Italy, Austria, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland. Good traffic connections throughout Croatia and the proximity of generating markets are of great importance, while the most beautiful natural environment, excellent gastronomy and rich cultural heritage are only a part of what hunters from all over Europe can enjoy.

Since we approach every client individually, we try to adjust our services to their needs and wishes and thus make commercial hunting an unforgettable experience full of memories that can be told until a very old age. Whether you like to hunt by yourself, in the company of a dog or a bird of prey, in silence or by chasing, armed with a gun or just a camera, we will organise successful and varied hunting for you throughout the entire calendar year.

Hunting ground 

The X/5 Jasenovača open state hunting ground is of an expressly flat and lowland type, located in the central part of the Virovitica-Podravina County, East of the town of Slatina, which is partly located in the western hunting ground area. The hunting ground spreads East and North-East from the D2 Virovitica – Slatina – Osijek state road, i.e. the Podravina highway, in the area of the Pannonian valley that in this area is bounded by the river Drava, North of the hunting ground, and the Papuk mountain along the South-Western hunting ground boundary.

The area of the hunting ground amounts to 7,354 hectares and consists of one large forest complex (around 42%), mostly state-owned, surrounded by agricultural surfaces (around 56%) on which there is very intensive agricultural production.

The main types of game that the living conditions are favourable for are the following:

Big game

Small game

Red deer
elaphus L.

Roe deer
Capreolus capreolus L.

Wild boar
Sus scrofa L.

europaeus L.

Phasianus sp. L.

Coturnix coturnix L.

Furthermore, beside the main types of game, badger, wild cat, marten, fox, skunk, partridge, wild duck, grey crow, Eurasian jackdaw, magpie and Eurasian jay are also present in the hunting ground. Of the seasonal species, one can come across woodcock, snipe, wild goose and wild mane pigeon.

We consider the position of our company as exceptionally important since it is situated on the edges of the town in the direction of Donji Miholjac, some three hundred meters from the highway and bounded by agricultural areas that we cultivate and which are also a part of our hunting ground. This fact presents significant opportunities to organise quail hunting, which presents a huge competitive edge.


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